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Evan Iliadis Lies and defamation about the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary !

November 26, 2012

Here is how Evan Iliadis defames anyone who is devoting time and money to volunteer Organizations.

This is the mechanics, if one cannot attack the Person, simply defame the Rest of his surroundings.

So when the cyberstalker cannot Lie about the Person, he simply defames the Organization.

Now Evan Iliadis insults an „Army“ of around 24.000 Civic Minded People in the Philippines. Plus the worldwide uncounted Numbers of Volunteers risking their Life and Limbs at Sea.

One has to realize, that there comes a half literate, who can not even spell the Name correctly of what he defames here, or anything else for that matter, and proclaims with the arrogance only a „madman“ can possess, that the honorable Volunteer Organization of the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary is just another „Club“of People.

No Wonder that nobody can take him serious again.

For the innocent Reader it is clear, that Volunteer Coast Guards all over the World are beyond doubt to be ranked in the same „honor“ category as for example Volunteer Fire Brigades. ( Which ideally mostly also keep themselve busy with playing cards).
And I guess, the Reader of this Blog agree, that it is very good that way. 🙂

Because if one needs the Philippine CoastGuard Auxiliary, it means Supertyphoons, Landslides, Vulcan Eruptions, Flashflood and other disaster which the „regular“ official Coast Guard cannot handle anymore.
The Coast Guard Slogan is  : “ We risk our life to safe yours“

…..and yes, when we have nobody to rescue, we clean beaches also ! And we are proud of it !

Evan Iliadis KNOWS that actually and ADMITS that the Coast Guard is an honorable organization in the same „Chat“ he loves to citate and partially publishes to defame me so often.
Now it bites him back again.

  • 10 January
    Evan Iliadis

    • Then please, disassociate anything that makes a good person, like your volunteer work in the Coastal guard and others that you have mentioned from this forum. Just delete the topic…
  • Guenther VombergNote- apparently he really hates that Forum as one can see in that email also :  http://guenthervomberg.blogspot.com/2012/11/evan-lliadis-real-target-internet-forum.html
    His Anger was, because I „advertised“ in his hated forum, that anyone with yachts or boats and volunteer mentality and qualification can apply at the Coast Guard.

Now let me resume again- Evan Iliadis, who admits, that he does not know anything about me, posts a lot of stories based upon, well what ?

Like that I want anyone to „invest“ into anything ?  Where did he get that from ? Most probably the Imagination of a criminal Cyber Harrasser – based upon… his own Fantasy… I have two Restaurant and a Bistro, I do not need any Investor.

Back to the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary. Here is the Link for Interested people which fulfill the qualifications and like to devote their Time and Money. 


Because what that impertinent Cyberstalker does not write is that WE PAY TO HELP- everything is financed by the  volunteers, Our Boats, Our Uniform, Our Rescue Material, Communications, everything.
That we wear a Uniform is pretty much common for a volunteer Organization, as mentioned, the Volunteer Fire Brigades do the same. It’s Tradition. An also make sense,because if there is Chaos in , lets hope not, a natural desaster, People would certainly not listen the guidance of some People in civilian clothing.

I will also make sure, that the Philippine Coast Guard Admirality see the Impertinent blogs and remarks of this „Person“. 

To insult a volunteer organization is the lowest form of Character a Person can show. 
Maybe Evan Iliadis retract hisstaemnts.

Or he may contact our „Partner“ Organization near his home in FRANCE  :

Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer


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2 Kommentare
  1. I have also been a victim of this guy and I feel for you. I know it is a struggle daily to make a difference.
    I want to thank you for staying the course.


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